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Our Website is Moving

One of the lead investigators of the Cycling in Cities research program, Dr. Meghan Winters, is continuing and expanding its work at Simon Fraser University. The Cities, Health and Active Transportation Research Lab website describes her team's wide-ranging bike-related research.

The Cycling in Cities content has been ported to that site. New research will be added only to the CHATR Lab website, and we will wind up the UBC site in a year or so.

Our research guided the HUB Cycling / TransLink project: Benchmarking the State of Cycling in Metro Vancouver. Note Tableau site with interactive maps - under "Bike Network".

New article estimating walking & bicycling in Canada & their fatality rates. It highlights the need for a Canadian household travel survey.

Landscape architecture professional magazine "Landscapes | Paysages" article about how to better design off-street bike paths and multiuse paths.

The Vancouver Bike Route Planner now allows users to select safer bike routes, based on evidence from our cycling safety study: bike lanes physically separated from traffic, off-street bike paths, and residential street bike routes. Thank you Melissa Nunes! Twitter
Local Government Agencies

Metro Vancouver
New Westminster
Port Moody
Township of Langley
White Rock


Canadian Cancer Society
Smart Growth BC
Toronto Coalition for Active Transportation (TCAT)
Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition (VACC)

Research Funding Agencies

Health Canada
Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research (MSFHR)
Transport Canada MOST Program
Ryerson University

Anne Harris

Simon Fraser University

Meghan Winters
Suzanne Vander Wekken
Moreno Zanotto
Kate Hosford
Nimesh Patel
Jenny Scott

University of British Columbia

Kay Teschke
Mike Brauer
Shelina Babul
Evan Beaupré
Nicole Blakely
Chris Carlsten
Peter Cripton
Christie Cole
Jill Dalton
Larry Frank
Melissa Friesen
Christie Hurrell
Martin Kang
Diana Kao
Michael Koehle
Mieke Koehoorn
Melody Monro
Kishore Mulpuri
Melissa Nunes
Jason Potter
Conor Reynolds
Hui Shen
Catherine Steer
Jason Su
Amy Thai
Angie Weddell
Imelda Wong

University of Montreal

Daniel Fuller
Lise Gauvin
Yves Kestens

University of Toronto

Mary Chipman
Michael Cusimano
Jessica Dennis
Vartouhi Jazmaji
Kevin McCurley
Andrew Thomas
Lee Vernich

University of Victoria

Eleanor Setton
Peter Keller

University of Western Ontario

Denver Nixon


Barb Boychuk (St. Paul's)
Jeff Brubacher (Vancouver General)
Jan Buchanan (Vancouver General)
Doug Chisholm (St. Michael's)
Nada Elfeki (St. Michael's)
Steven Friedman (University Hospital Network)
Garth Hunte (St. Paul's)
Sean Marshall (St. Michael's)

Local Governments

Graeme Brown (TransLink)
Joan Caravan (Richmond)
Gavin Davidson (TransLink)
Scott Edwards (Vancouver)
Brad Fisher (Surrey)
Michael Grant (TransLink)
Sheila Hartmann (TransLink)
Birk Madsen (Surrey)
Cam Pearce (TransLink)
Peter Stary (Vancouver)
David Tomlinson (Toronto)
Barbara Wentworth (Toronto)


Jack Becker (Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition)
Bonnie Fenton (Vancouver Bicycle Advisory Committee)
David Hay (Richards Buell Sutton)
Cheeying Ho (Smart Growth BC)
Mary Sherlock (Vancouver Bicycle Advisory Committee)
Nancy Smith Lea (Toronto Coalition for Active Transportation)
Fred Sztabinski (Toronto Coalition for Active Transportation)

What we do

Cycling in Cities is a research program mainly investigating factors that encourage or discourage cycling, and route designs associated with increased or decreased risks of cycling injuries. Our studies are outlined in the table below and described in more detail throughout the website.

Some of our publications

Cycling safety

Motivating cycling

Transportation health & safety

Our studies

study funders Goal & progress
Bicycling Hospitalization Rates in Canadian Jurisdictions
  • no external funding
Analyses examining associations between hospitalization rates and helmet legislation, mode share, sex, age group. Complete, published.
Understanding a New Bikeshare Program: Motivators, Deterrents & Equity
  • CIHR
  • City of Vancouver
  • Mitacs
Investigated factors influencing uptake of bike share in Vancouver & impact of system on bicycling, using population and member surveys. Papers published.
Bicyclists' Injuries & the Cycling Environment ("the BICE Study")
  • Heart & Stroke
  • CIHR
  • Bridge Program
Investigated which transportation infrastructure increases or decreases cycling injury risk. 690 adult participants in Toronto & Vancouver. Papers published. Study starting in 2017 will use the same method to estimate infrastructure risk in injured children in Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary.
Opinion Survey on Cycling Motivators & Deterrents
  • Transport Canada
  • TransLink
  • Metro Vancouver & municipalities
Surveyed 1400 Metro Vancouverites about 16 routes types and 73 factors influencing cycling. Results published.
Tools and Training for Healthy Travel
  • CIHR
  • Developed Bike Score for 10 Canadian cities. Bike Score maps show the bikeability of neighbourhoods in selected cities in Canada and the US.
  • Compared cycling safety evidence to training materials. Report and brochure on evidence review of cycling training materials available.
Mapping Cycling for Bikeability
  • Heart & Stroke
  • CIHR
  • TransLink
Bikeability index developed and mapped for Metro Vancouver. Results  published.
  • Brochure on detouring for cycling facilities
Cycling, Air Pollution & Health
  • Health Canada
Investigated relationship between air pollution and cyclists' health. Results being presented and published.
Climate & Cycling
  • UBC
  • Bridge Program
Examined effect of climate, demographics & population on cycling in Canadian cities. Results published.

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